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Create an Account at Makoeyes
1) How do I create my account ?
  • Please click on 'Sign Up' button on your left top 'Member Log In' section.
  • Enter your email address, your ID, a password, and your name.
  • Your Username can be up to 12 characters. Please use only letters and numbers.  
2) If your registration attempt is failing, You can try another below.
  • In most cases, your username or e-mail address has been already registerd or used. Please re-try with others.
Account Settings
1) How do I change my password ?
  • Please log in Makoeyes.com and click on 'My Account'. After that, you will see a menu 'Modify' on your left top corner. Please click on that and edit your personel information including your new password.
2) How do I change my ID ?
  • Please send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.about payment.